Cool Stuff Awards 2017: YouTube Nominations

Welcome to the first batch of nominations for this year’s inaugural Cool Stuff Awards! These awards are a way of acknowledging the entertainment that we’ve been devouring over the last year, recognizing quality films, television shows and YouTube channels.

Kicking things off this year are the YouTube nominations, with the following categories representing our favourite content that the site had to offer. We have also included a bonus category for Best Song, spotlighting our top five tracks of 2016. Our film and television nominations are currently being finalized and will be released sometime in the next couple of weeks; the winners from all three categories will be announced in February.

But that’s not all: we want you to be involved in this as well! So, each batch of nominations will have a Reader’s Choice Award, voted for by you! To choose your pick for Best YouTube Channel of 2016, simply: click here, type your choice and press vote. Any YouTube channel active during 2016 is eligible for the award.

Now, on with the nominations…

Best YouTube Video:

yt-1-1Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 6 (Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling)
Epic History X-Men: Volume 3 (Tyson Wheeler and Comicbookgirl19)
KENZO World – the new fragrance (Spike Jonze)
Mr. Plinkett’s The Star Wars Awakens Review (Red Letter Media)
Suicide Squad Sales Pitch (Jenny Nicholson)

Best YouTube Show:

yt-5Actors on Actors (Variety)
Half in the Bag (Red Letter Media)
Morning Movie News (Beyond the Trailer)
Show of the Week (Outside Xbox)
The Weekly Planet (Weekly Planet)

Best YouTube Personality:

Grace Randolph
Mike Stoklasa
Natalie Tran
Wheezy Waiter

Best YouTube Channel:

yt-3Beyond The Trailer
Community Channel
Nerd Writer
Outside Xbox
Red Letter Media

Best Song:

yt-4‘Guns’ by Nice As F**k
‘HGX’ by Yes You Are
‘Memories’ by Follin
‘Song For Judee’ by case/lang/veirs
‘Wish That You Were Here’ by Florence and the Machine

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