Write For Us

Hey there!

Thanks for clicking! Are you a fan of movies and other cool things? I hope so, because I’m looking to expand this site from a one-man team, to a group of volunteers. If you’re interested, then be sure to get in touch right away!

Full disclosure: as this website is still very young, view counts are generally rather low and any writing would be unpaid. But while writing for this site wouldn’t get you fame and fortune, we have things to offer that larger outlets simply wouldn’t allow.


We’ll let you write about pretty much anything entertainment-related. We currently have categories on the site for movies, television, comic-books and video games; but that’s not all we want to cover.

If you have a passion for music, novels, artwork, collectors items etc., we want to hear from you! Whether you want to post news, reviews, features, podcasts, videos — this site gives you the freedom to do whatever you feel like.


We get that everyone has a life of their own and we’re not going to tie you down to a strict regime. You can write an article every day, maybe once a fortnight, or perhaps you only want to check-in every couple of months? Whatever best suits your schedule.

A Clean Slate

We’re a very new website, which can make things challenging when it comes to establishing an audience. But, on the flipside, it means you can get involved in something completely fresh! We’re not dogged down with traditional, age-old practices and routines. We’re brand new and we’re very open-minded.

Also, getting in on the ground floor with a new site and playing a vital role in its development, would be a unique and exciting experience!


This is the most important thing. As a site which doesn’t take itself too seriously, Movies & Cool Stuff values having an enjoyable writing experience above everything else. No quotas requiring a rigid number of posts per week, no pressure to get a certain number of views — just have fun, and write something you’re proud of.

To get in touch, you can reach us on Facebook and Twitter or alternatively, send us an e-mail at: theentertainmentnetwork@hotmail.co.uk

No past experience needed, but we would love to read a sample of your writing in the message if possible!

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ll consider joining the team!

David Craig

Creator of Movies & Cool Stuff