The Entertainment Network Closes After Six Years

Emotions are running high. For just shy of six years I have been reporting on films, television, comic-books and videogames over at The Entertainment Network. When I created that blog I was thirteen years old, the idea of a career in journalism just a seed at the back of my mind. As I write this I am three months into an undergraduate degree in Journalism Studies, the dream of one day being paid to report on the entertainment industry slowly becoming more attainable.

That is part of the reason why I chose to leave The Entertainment Network behind. Although I will always have a great sentimental attachment to the website, the baggage left behind by my thirteen year-old self was starting to weigh the site down. For starters, many of the early posts are near-unreadable to me six years down the line, and frankly a little embarrassing. Putting salt in the wound is the fact that the template I have been using for the last four or five years doesn’t include full dates on published posts, meaning someone could mistake an article I wrote when I was thirteen for my current writing style. The thought alone fills me with dread.

Why not just change the template? Well, Blogger doesn’t have a great number of options for someone with little to no knowledge of website building (such as myself). Sure, you can find fancy Blogger templates on the interwebs, but they are all from third party websites and a number of them look like they would riddle my computer with viruses. I haven’t wanted to admit it, but simply put: WordPress is a better site on which to run an online magazine such as this one.


Oh, I almost forgot the worst part. Perhaps my greatest display of amateurism was my choice of domain name for The Entertainment Network:

It hardly rolls of the tongue, does it? Movies & Cool Stuff may not be the best website name ever, but at least the domain isn’t quite as cringe-inducing for me. Also, it’s obvious what this new site is about! Movies and cool stuff. Even though I had a soft spot for it, I have to admit The Entertainment Network was a relatively ambiguous title for the uninitiated.

So, after six years, here begins a new chapter. A fresh start. Goodbye 2011, hello 2017.

Creating this new site on the cusp of exam season continues a long-held tradition I have of taking on new commitments at the least sensible of times. Old habits die hard.

Anyway, thanks for reading this sickeningly self-indulgent welcome post. More to come.

David Craig
Former Editor of The Entertainment Network
Current Editor of Movies & Cool Stuff

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