Super Mario Odyssey: 5 Things We Know

Nintendo released a number of trailers yesterday for titles coming to their upcoming Switch console; perhaps the most notable was for a brand new Mario game called Super Mario Odyssey. The mustachioed ex-plumber’s latest adventure looks to have a number of new elements, and after scanning the trailer for clues we discovered these five things.

1. Mario has a (sentient) new cap.

Midway through this trailer we see Mario putting his trademark cap to some interesting new uses. After taking it off his head and throwing it across a large gap between platforms, the cap goes on to hover in mid-air for Mario to use as a bounce pad. We also see Mario throwing it on a couple of other occasions with no clear consequence, but an obvious function would be that it can be used as a projectile weapon against any Goomba or Koopa Troopa unfortunate enough to be in your path.

mario-capThis alone would have been an interesting new gameplay tweak, but in the final few seconds Nintendo throw another twist at us: the cap has eyes! Indeed, it appears that this new cap of Mario’s may well be a sentient character in Super Mario Odyssey. As for its origins, at numerous points in the trailer we see the logo for a company called Crazy Cap, which features a cap with eyes strikingly similar to the one on Mario’s head.

2. Bowser and Peach are getting married.

That Bowser is to be the main villain of a Mario game is in itself not particularly notable, however the circumstances of his appearance in this game are more interesting. Towards the end of the trailer we get a peak at a billboard depicting Bowser and Princess Peach in their finest outfits, with the subtitle reading: “a royal wedding”. This isn’t the first time that the unlikely couple have come close to matrimony, with 2007’s Super Paper Mario also depicting the pair’s doomed wedding day.

bowser-and-peachAlso significant: a shot near the end of the trailer shows Bowser stamping on Mario’s cap. This could be one of the opening scenes, and the inciting event which leads our hero to finding his aforementioned new headgear.

3. Mario is in New York City.

That’s right, any Nintendo fans local to NYC may want to keep an eye out for a small man in blue overalls causing havoc. In one of the trailer’s stranger moments we see Mario running around an environment seemingly modeled off New York City, alongside some realistically proportioned people. How exactly Mario got to this distant world we’re not sure, but we’d be willing to bet on it involving some kind of green pipe.

cityThe urban city environment looks to act as a hub-world for the main game, the likes of which this series has seen in the past (e.g. 2007’s Super Mario Galaxy). A shot of Mario playing with a skipping rope with two of the local city-folk, suggests there could be some minigames here to keep you busy between the main levels.

4. New animals to ride.

mario-lionYoshi can at last breathe a sigh of relief and take some time off to nurse its back pain: Mario has a new mode of transport. This trailer shows our hero jumping on a lion with a gold mane, before speeding off across a desert level. It’s unclear whether the lion is a statue that has come to life, or just the Mushroom Kingdom’s version of a regular wild cat. The combination of sandy dunes and floating pyramids calls to mind an Ancient Egyptian theme for this particular level, which we see both during the day and at night. Whether the animal will feature in other levels remains to be seen.

5. There are creepy bunny bosses.

mario-bunniesEither something horrific has happened to Bowser’s children or these strange creatures are new to the Mario lore. Similar in size and shape to Bowser’s offspring and using a similar airship, these haunting figures look to be the minor bosses you face before meeting with King Koopa himself. In fact, we see one of these little menaces in action, spinning around producing some kind of purple liquid in Mario’s general direction. We’re scared to ask what exactly the liquid is.

The Nintendo Switch is hitting stores on the 3rd March 2017, and will retail for $299 in North America (that’s £279.99 in the UK). Will you be pre-ordering? Let us know!

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