5 Comics To Read This Week: 11th January 2017

With so many new titles out each and every week, it’s easy for some comic-books to get trapped under the radar. That’s what we’re here for. Every week, we’ll be picking out a few interesting titles worth checking out during the visit to your local comic shop or digital comic platform. We’ll be kicking things off with a wild card for those of you who fancy a gamble, before working our way up to the prestigious pick of the week. Let’s get started.

Wild Card: Red Sonja #1

The so-called ‘She-Devil with a Sword’ returns for another new series this week, courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment. This latest interpretation is written by Amy Chu, who last year penned the DC Comics miniseries Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death to a reasonably positive response. Carlos Gomez picks up the art duties, and judging from the preview panels on his Facebook page, he’s doing a good job. Why then, is this the wild card choice this week?

red-sonjaWell, last month an introductory zero issue was released which left critics divided. While some found the bargain-priced prelude to be an entertaining tale, others took issue with Chu’s characterization of this fan-favourite heroine. This rocky start combined with the risky concept of this new series – that of Red Sonja finding herself in the present day for the first time – makes this an issue which could go either way. Still, we’re fascinated to see if Chu can win people over with the first formal installment of her run, with early reviews suggesting she might just pull it off.

Justice League/Power Rangers #1

Tom Taylor’s star has been on the rise since his comic-book tie-in to the Injustice videogame became something of a surprise hit with critics and audiences. Since then, Taylor has written some of the biggest characters in comics, and this week gets his hands on a major crossover. Justice League/Power Rangers #1 is a classic tale of worlds colliding, with artwork by the fantastic Stephen Byrne.

justice-league-power-rangersOf course, crossovers are notoriously hit and miss but there is reason to be excited about this one. Not only is the creative team at the top of their game, but also DC Comics has been handling their multi-universe co-productions remarkably well as of late; Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Star Trek/Green Lantern have both received a warm reception from fans and critics alike, and we’re confident that this latest series can follow suit. With the Justice League‘s cinematic debut and a Power Rangers reboot just a few months away, we can’t think of a better way to prepare.

Detective Comics #948

Since DC Rebirth began, James Tynion IV’s Detective Comics has received consistent praise from critics, and this latest issue turns the spotlight to one of DC’s most exciting characters: Batwoman. Despite only existing in her current form for a little over a decade, Kate Kane (aka Batwoman) has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of DC’s most popular characters. With a new solo series hitting shelves in February from Marguerite Bennett and Steve Epting, don’t miss the chance to find out why!

batwoman-2#948 begins a two-issue arc which will serve as a prologue for the upcoming solo series, with Tynion IV joined by Bennett for the duration. The brilliant Ben Oliver, no stranger to the Bat-family having worked on the New 52’s Batwing, provides the art. We couldn’t be more excited for more Batwoman stories, and in this week’s Detective Comics things seem to be getting off to a great start. Don’t miss out.

The Deep #1

The ever-more mature-skewing nature of comic-books has allowed for some groundbreaking stories to be told, but arguably books for all-ages have sadly taken a greatly diminished role. Cue Tom Taylor and James Brouwer. The second of Taylor’s books to make this week’s list is The Deep #1; first published by Gestalt Comics in Australia, BOOM Studios gives everyone another chance to dive into this underwater adventure.

the-deepFollowing the stories of the Nekton family in their high-tech submarine, this is the first installment of the previously published (but hard to track down) Here Be Dragons graphic novel. The book was warmly received when it was first printed, and this second chance to discover it shouldn’t be passed up. If this issue leaves you wanting more, an animated series based on these characters was produced in 2015, and is currently available to stream on Netflix.

Pick of the Week: God Country #1

Image Comics has no shortage of fantastic books, and this new series from Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw looks to be joining those ranks. Early reviews are glowing for this story of an ailing old man named Emmet Quinlan, who is completely restored by a tornado which leaves him in the possession of an enchanted sword. But this new lease of life comes with a catch, as Quinlan is the only one who can stop the creatures that his sword has brought to our world.

god-countryThis book sounds fascinating and the preview pages we’ve seen showcase a truly stunning art style, with beautiful colours from Jason Wordie. We have a hunch this will be one of those indie books that flies off the shelves, so be sure to grab a copy when it drops tomorrow. God Country #1 is our pick of the week.

What are you reading this week?

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